Monday, August 25, 2008

Camping....the Short version

All in all the camping was OK, but I have told my husband no more than 1 night next time. I just don't think I can handle more than one night of 2 hours of sleep. I just cannot seem to get any sleep in a tent even on a mattress.
And the bugs I can really do without the bugs.
Even though I might (I said MIGHT) go camping again to take one for the team since my husband and daughter love it so much I just don't get it. I saw all these people who were at the campsite and I just don't get how people can see this as a vacation. Vacation is supposed to be done in places that are better than your own home......not a step down and sleeping in a tent is way down.
On a more positive note my daughter thoroughly enjoyed spending so much time with her cousins and cried for at least the first 30 minutes of the drive home claiming she missed all the things from camping that are not in "our world" (as she calls our home and city) sweet and sad all at the same time.

Friday, August 22, 2008

And we are out the door

We are about ready to leave and I am a little anxious about leaving the store unmanned for two days but I am hoping to get lots of stuff done while in the woods and will hopefully be ahead of the game when I return. Getting ready to go into the woods requires alot more packing and planning than just packing a few clothes and heading to a hotel.

Oh Well....Woods here we come !!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just Like Her Mama

My little one just discovered sewing and has caught the sewing bug. Be still my heart !!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Camping with I Spy Bags

This weekend (Friday - Sunday) my family is going camping. Now keep in mind I am not a camper...I like cabins and beds and kitchens and bathrooms. The last time I "camped" was about 18 years ago and involved lots of alcohol and I still ended up sleeping in the car after a raccoon invaded our camp.
I also do not do well when I am not hooked up to the computer at a moments notice and if I can't have my computer I want my sewing machine. I also feel an urgency to get to work on lots and lots of products for the upcoming Christmas season so I am going to pack up all my little treasures and haul them out to the woods so I can pack them up in sets of 40-45 to go in individual I Spy Bags. If I have to feel uncomfortable out in the woods I may as well feel useful. I am also going to bring my ongoing crochet project where I will continue to try and make a dish cloth (I keep doing the same two rows, it does not look right so I then pull it out and start again, maybe the 10th time will be the charm).
I will report back about how it all went on Monday....Just hoping I don't get eaten by a bear or have a tree limb fall on my head.
By the way my husband and daughter love the outdoors and would spend weeks on end camping so I am the odd man out who has avoided all the other camping trips the last 2 years.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Stuff

So here is my new stuff.
A kit for doing a frozen treasure hunt

and a beading kit for little girls

Both of these kits are really cool for the younger set and can keep them busy for hours.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer is fading fast

Today we met one of my daughter's friends for a swimming playdate. I cannot believe what fish they are in the pool. I also cannot believe that my daughter will start Kindergarten in a few weeks. We went school shopping yesterday and picked up her school supplies.
On the business front I received a package in the mail to make my newest product so I will be posting about it real soon. I also have some beading kits that are appropriate for 3 and up. Lots of colorful beads, easy to string, no needles needed. I have to get labels for the bags and when I get them done I will post more about that too.
After tomorrow I should be able to be so productive. My daughter and husband are going camping for the weekend leaving me at home alone and them my daughter is going to Grace Art Camp next week from 9 to 3 pm each day....woo hoo lots of time for mommy to work on her shop and start getting stocked up for Christmas. I am hoping my Christmas sales will be better this year esp. since my sales overall have increased the last couple of months.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Waterpark Adventure

We left on Sunday to go to Boise Idaho...about 6 hours away to go to a waterpark Lots of people thought we were crazy to go so far for just one day at a waterpark but I was itching to show my daughter that warm days and water are so much fun. I grew up in Florida and have been missing swimming outdoors in warm weather (you just don't get that here in Washington State).
It was great. We had 98 degrees outside and 7 hours of water fun. We loved the slides (although my daughter was not too thrilled with the dark ones), the lazy river and the wave pool. Most pools etc were around 3 feet deep so my daughter could show off her newly learned swimming skills while being in water that was not over her 5 y/o head. She loved the waves and kept saying she was surfboarding (so cute).
I am looking forward to going to a waterpark again next summer either in Boise or somewhere else.
And yes it was worth the 12 hours of driving for one day at the park.........