Friday, May 9, 2008

Going Traveling

Yesterday we set out on our vacation. We are going to Florida which is a world away from Portland OR/Vancouver, Wa where I live. In my neck of the woods the weather is dreary and cold and we are so so so excited to be going somewhere where 80 degrees will be the norm, cloudy or sunny we don't care we are just wanting warmth. We left in the afternoon after a loving mother's day tea at my daughter's preschool and drove to Seattle to drop off two of our dogs at my FIL vet clinic to stay while on vacation (the other dog is with friends along with the fish, and the cats are at home being fed by neighbors). We then took a flight out of Seattle to go to Atlanta GA then drive to Pensacola FL. A little stressful as I am not a "good" flyer and have not flown in the last couple of years since my father passed away. We are now sitting in a very nice hotel near the Atlanta airport trying to entertain our child and relax a little before making the 5 hour drive to Fl tomorrow. The weather is warm and I have been sitting out on our balcony watching the planes take off and land. What Fun !!! I will try and keep this updated with daily tidbits from our vacation.